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Engineering better sound quality for analog and digital sources

Our raison d’être centers on the design and development of new digital signal processing algorithms and functions intended to enhance the enjoyment of recorded music. We do not “sweeten” the sound. We use hard science to replace missing information or to remove undesirable anomalies from media. Our current goal involves developing plugins for modular environments such as Roon and Apple iOS Core Audio, not writing top-to-bottom music playing Apps.

Although rooted in science, all DSP algorithms and functions must pass rigorous listening tests to assure that they make your current music collection and streaming sources sound more emotionally involving with no prerequisite for batch processing.




Currently in field testing, Breakthrough is a plugin designed to enhance the sound of music files, most notably data encoded with lossy compression such as MP3 and AAC files and streams. As with all DSP Music Labs plugins, once integrated into a given environment, you can temporarily disable the plugin so that no Breakthrough-related processing occurs if so desired. All DSP Music Labs plugins run efficiently in real time.


Intended primarily for audio enthusiasts who want to rip vinyl LP’s or play commercially duplicated analog tape, the Stonehenge plugin performs an intelligent analysis of an array of frequency bands and dynamically mutes any one band in real time so long as more noise than music appears in a given set of bands at a given time AFTER you have ripped your vinyl.

You can set the number of bands ranging from 20-20kHz and the threshold below which you regard sound as noise more than music, on the fly, to help eliminate vinyl surface noise and analog tape hiss in the digital domain.



  1. We have no current plans to design a Keith Jarrett / Glenn Gould hum filter.
  2. Feel free to suggest other ideas to us.